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        ロゴ Windows Xp 記号アイコン。

        Windows xp


        SP 3

        + SP 3
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        Relive the old times by downloading the most famous Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3

        Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3, like its precursors, is a package with the latest updates for Windows XP that aims to make the system more secure and stable. There are a total of four new features and more than a thousand fixes released since Service Pack 2 in 2004 for Windows XP.

        This package is available for the English operating system version only (to download the Portuguese version, click here). To the delight of many, the package is cumulative, meaning that both SP1 and SP2 users can install it without problems.

        Key features include some features imported from Windows Vista, such as Network Access Protection (NAP) and the presence of some encryption algorithms in kernel modules. While not making many noticeable modifications, it is an indispensable package for enhancing the security and stability of Windows XP.




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