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        ロゴ Mozilla Firefox Quantum 記号アイコン。

        Mozilla firefox quantum



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        The latest, stable version of Mozilla's powerful browser

        Firefox is one of the most popular browsers on the web and the main product of the Mozilla Foundation, its sponsor.

        In addition to being one of the most important browsers in the world, the application is often referred to as the most successful free software project on the planet.

        In an increasingly fierce market, the Raposa browser developer has adopted short-cycle updates planning with the intention of deploying new features, fixing issues with greater agility, and hence enhancing the browsing experience of its followers.

        One of the main features of Mozilla Firefox is the freedom it offers the user when it comes to personalization. You can even choose the order and location of the browser menus and buttons, customize your experience with the software in detail. A huge amount of themes are also available, being possible to download them for free.

        In addition, this browser supports extensions and has a store full of these features, to customize not only the appearance but also the use of the browser. You can also open the program in anonymous mode if you do not want the crawled use or logins and history saved in Firefox.





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