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        ロゴ Jalbum 記号アイコン。
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        ロゴ Jalbum 記号アイコン。


        Funciona em: Windows
        ダウンロード| : 0 Atualizado em : 10.09.2020 David Datadosen


        Crie o seu próprio álbum web, com apenas alguns cliques.
        bum is a program focused on those users who want to publish their photos in the internet but they don't know a lot about that. Creating and Publishing your Photo albums has never been so easy. Thanks to JAlbum we will be able to create our album in three simple steps: First of all we have to decide which photos we are going to publish and drag and drop them onto JAlbum, then we select the style of the album and finally we upload it to our website with the FTP Client. And, it's already done. So easy, so fast. Maybe the easiest program to publish your photos.


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