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        ロゴ Double Commander 記号アイコン。

        Double commander



        + 0.9.8.i386
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        Multi-platform, two-paneled file manager

        It is not difficult to find alternatives to Windows Explorer, one of the aspects of this operating system that could be improved.

        Double Commander is a file explorer with two panels that brings fluency to file management thanks to a series of small features.

        The first is the fact that you can customize the columns shown by the program in each panel. The column that appears to be most useful is that of file attributes or permissions (that's right, permissions are not just UNIX systems).

        The second is the ability to select files using a mask and then compress everything with a compression tool included in the program. It is compatible with ZIP, TAR, GZ and TGZ formats.

        Double Commander makes use of a toolbar similar to that of Norton Commandar from MS-DOS. It allows you to do various actions with a file by simply touching the corresponding key. To view a file (F3), Double Commander includes a viewer / editor that can display the file's contents in text, binary or hexadecimal.

        The viewer is especially useful for web developers, as it is able to highlight the syntax of several programming languages, including: ObjectPascal, Java, C, PHP, SQL, HTML, XML, UNIX scripts, TEX, Perl, CSS, settings Lazarus formula and more.

        These and other things await you in a program that simplifies Windows file management.





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